2nd Wave 4.5

With this new version we winn a speed and turn more quickly with less effort,,they keep the great quality,, dedicated to waves for surfing and foil! With its incredible range of wind the 4.5 is used in 16 has 38 see 40 knots  of wind! But in these amazing wind all dépend about the expérience of the rider and wave conditions. an incredible drift allows you superb surfing by forgetting the kite, the relaunch is also very simple. Start and take-off also is easy to take off direct in the window or on the side . it will not pull very strong before being the top and completely inflatable,  you must remain vigilant all the same in these winds if it happens badly due to bad preparation or as a branch or other stuff that could cause a blockage at the level of the bridles.

107900$ CAD