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GRADIENT is one of the leading paragliding brands worldwide. The base of GRADIENT is in Czech republic. By employing the most up to date technologies and materials in the design of their paragliders GRADIENT have developed an international reputation for producing paragliders of exceptional quality, performance and value for money.



Bright 5

Safety, handling, and performance were the objectives with this glider. Once again Gradient has nailed it! 
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Golden 5

Is not a cake to going a new level with the Golden série for the team Gradient! In a short time the new Golden 5 will be ready! Just some certifiction and all size will be ready to fly. Coming soon

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Nevada 2

To develop a new glider is not only a matter of love for flying of the Gradient R&D team, but also a matter of their responsibility to bring the pilots something new and improved.

The glider construction is only a first stage. The second stage is tuning the glider. To tune up Nevada2, to give it high performance and stability and to fulfil strict criteria of the EN-B category, that is a difficult challenge. The performance and potential of Nevada2 were finalised at our big XC flying tests in Brazil and South Africa. The glider behaviour was tuned up in Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.

After a year of intensive work we have achieved our goal and we proudly introduce Nevada2, the glider for occasional pilots and for XC pilots who appreciate potential and passive safeness of the glider. Nevada light

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Aspen Using the knowledge acquired in the field of paragliding, as well as the developed and now recognized Gradient technology (DDsystem, VOsystem, Everlast, ...), we have obtained a brand new concept which is very effective from the first moments in the airs. more info.





Bi-Golden 4

The BiGolden 4 should primary hit the target of professional tandem pilots who appreciate agile flight characteristics. more info.